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Tamil civilization has endured numerous conquests from outside powers throughout its lasting history. The cultural siege of Buddhism and Jainism…. Read more

SUBTEXT ABSTRACT: Tamil civilization has endured numerous conquests from outside powers throughout its lasting history. The cultural siege of Buddhism and Jainism, despite its failure, has been the most devastating of all and the imminent threat of North Indian Marauders exploitation of temple wealth in Tamil Nadu is an undesirable recurrence of that which should be neutralized resolutely.


For the past few weeks, there has been an increase in the magnitude of narrative creation, about the “Privatization” of Tamil temples, across Indian union. From Jaggi Vasudev, an elephant habitat usurper and a haranguer against Tamil Saivam, to different Media houses in the north, sections with vested interests are continuously engaged in the dissemination of opinions against the role of Tamil Nadu government -TNHRCE department- in the management of Temples. Their insidious agenda has two dimensions: historical vengeance of Jains against Tamil religions and the Exploitation of Temple assets by North Indian Marauders


Contrary to the medieval western civilizations, where political leaderships (crown) engage in power struggle with religious authorities (church), religion and political sovereignty of Tamils have always been intrinsically intertwined with each other. This has prevented the probability of any such unnecessary power struggle and enhanced the preservation of peace in Tamil society. Hence, any external attempt to detach one from the other, under any pretext, should be construed as a political assault against Tamils.

The life of any individual derives its meaning and purpose from the culture to which that person belongs. As every human society is a composite manifestation of such individuals, its behavior is commensurable to the constituent population. Progressive societies in modern Europe (similar to Tamils’) have incentivized social order by balancing utilities of science with rectitude. Historically when societies deviate from this state of equilibrium, a consequence of discrepancy, either in its moral or rational composition, the result has been the emergence of unpleasant tyranny. A dictatorial communist regime like that of erstwhile Soviet Union (where Utopia prevailed over practicality) and a hybrid nationalistic Government like that of contemporary Indian union (where bigotry defies common sense) are such recent instances. As one of the developed states that is confronting the advent of fundamentalism in the subcontinent, Tamils and their religion are currently facing a cultural threat due to the radical redefinition of Indian Union’s welfare as North Indian Marauders prosperity by Delhi’s ruling class.

It has taken centuries of efforts by eminent Tamil ancestors in the pursuit of spirituality and rationality, to discover the moral principles of existence that could manifest in different aspects of an individual’s life, giving a sense of belonging to the society in a progressive way that encourages the possibilities of ethical endeavors by proscribing the expedient ones. The development of religious modalities and philosophies behind Saivam and Vainavam occurred during the pre-medieval period of history when Tamils battled fervently to eradicate the encroachments of foreign doctrines threating the sustenance of Tamil culture, in the forms of Jainism and Buddhism, from Tamil land. Peace in the society, that was devoid of such predatory religions, improved the prosperity of Tamils in the medieval period which ushered in an era of empire building and wealth generation resulting in the construction of magnificent temples for enabling Tamil population to live a life devoted to Saivam and Vainavam.

Traditionally, Tamil culture has given the greatest importance to the role of sovereign authority in the sacred efforts such as temple construction and conservation for nurturing its theology. It is the reason behind most nomenclatures for Temples in Tamil language connoting the residence of ruler, the protector realms, the emperor.


Tamils have neutralized various military invasions, vanquished cultural intrusions, and put to rout many marauders in the past. Unlike the previous attempts, this time the usurpers are disguised in different camouflages to exploit the current unstable government in Tamil Nadu. The peace and wealth of Tamil land had been attracting many despicable marauders from north. One such attempt was the ransacking of several sacred Tamil temples by Malik Kafur, a vandal from Delhi sultanate. The Moghul invasions of subcontinent from central Asia are widely recognized as attempts of plundering. The forays of Delhi sultanate to depredate Tamil temples were equally damaging, no less.

A specific group having proclivity for appropriating country’s wealth and resources has currently seized power in the subcontinent, their historical enmity towards Tamil religions and an obsession to accrue valuables in possession of others is persuading them to occupy the immense wealth of Tamil Nadu temples, which they perceive, will eventually lead to the decadence of Saivam and Vainavam religions in the next few decades. Often the detached status of Waqf board from government is quoted as an analogy to advance their advocacy for Temple Privatization. If anything, the management of Waqf board should also be brought under the authority of Tamil Nadu government.

The distress of Jaggi Vasudev and his ilk about the efficiency of government’s handling of temples is not something that is genuine. If it were real, instead of spending billions of rupees for the construction of Saibaba and ISKON buildings across Tamil Nadu, they would rather have donated those investments for the renovation of Tamil temples.


As a prominent anti-social element, Jaggi Vasudev is threatening the security of this country in three major fronts:

Human development

Tamil Nadu is a global leader in educating children at school levels and encouraging them to continue their education for higher studies. Its Gross Enrollment Ratio is higher than many of the advanced countries around the world. Students passing out of the state institutions were competing globally with their peers from some of the highly reputed institutions from Europe and America before the Union Government centralized the education system of the country and brought down its standards. Now, Jaggi Vasudev is asking for a complete privatization of education in the state. This will be bringing the standards of education in Tamil Nadu further down to the levels of Gangetic delta states or Sub-Saharan countries. The ramifications of it are highly troublesome as a vast number of rural youths could feel neglected by the education system of the state. This would create a resentment in their minds about the social structure of the country and instill the rise of fundamentalism in Tamil Nadu also.


The uncontested infiltration of his organization into the reserved forest areas is increasing with each passing year. The life of many conserved species is under the verge of extinction as a result of deforestation due to the activities of his followers. After losing their living spaces to these lunatics, many helpless elephants are forced to move towards agricultural areas in search of food. As these emotionally disturbed wild elephants are encountering farmers in their desperate wanderings, the loss of many lives, both human and tuskers, are resulting as a consequence. All these environmental disasters substantiate the need to declare Jaggi Vasudev as the single biggest human threat in the country for the ecosystem of Western Ghats.

Religious tranquility

Fueled by his hatred against Tamil Saivam, Jaggi is incessantly involved in defaming divine places like Thanjavur Big temple and Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple, as they stand tall by signifying the veneration for Saivam among Tamil population. A simple examination of his stage talks will infer that he is indulged in lowering the IQ of masses by implanting gullible and dangerous ideas in their minds, an absolute recipe for social meltdown. Left unpunished, those potentially sensitive conspiracy theories against Tamil religions might instigate a religious unrest in the society.

Therefore, once the next democratically elected government without BJP control comes to power after the elections in Tamil Nadu, it should detain this Charlatan to avoid unnecessary chaos in the lives of common people.


The intensity of belief in Saivam and Vainavam religions is what protecting the Tamil population from being persuaded by foreign forces into religious conversions on the scales that had happened in Middle east during the rise of Islam and in the south American continent during the European invasions. If Tamil population gets gradually disengaged from these two inherent belief systems, they will become vulnerable to such vicious attempts. This is where the role of Saibaba and ISKON groups perfectly align with the larger scheme of things of Christian machineries. As Saibaba and ISKON groups increase their penetration in Tamil Nadu, they are substantially diluting the psychology of Tamils in giving credence to Saivam and Vainanavam. This would help the foreign machineries to work out their religious exploitations by converting those vulnerable individuals into Abrahamic religions. Therefore, ardent devotees of saivam and vainavam should resolutely confront this emerging threat to the sacred tamil religions and temples by showing their united resistance against the activities of these charlatans.


Being the traditional religious institutions of Saivam, the onus on Adheenams in confronting these usurpers is greater than what could be expected out of political parties. They should lead the resistance against this North Indian Marauders plot immediately without any hesitation, as a possibility of BJP controlled ADMK government in Tamil Nadu after elections would lead eventually towards the Privatization of Tamil temples.

It is estimated that more than thirty thousand temples are managed by the HRNC department and the properties attached to those temples amount more than several hundred thousand acres. Even a conservative estimate would put their combined wealth to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. If privatized, many North Indian Marauders would control that immense wealth and utilize them for the promotion of Jainism and Gaudiya cult in Tamil Nadu. To prevent such heinous machinations from gaining momentum across the country, Saiva Aadheenams should unite in their efforts to end the religious conversions happening at the branches of Sai baba and ISKON establishments in the state. Many innocent people are being converted from Saivam and Vainavam to several cults such as Gaudiya cult and vendanta through systematic psychological manipulations. Aadheenams also should work towards hampering such conducts of religious north Sai Baba and ISKON institutions by demanding for the government takeover of their assets inside Tamil Nadu. The incomes generated by this initiative can be used by the state government to renovate the Tamil temples which would alleviate the disappointment of Tamils with real concern about the involved corruptions in the TNHRCE department. Even though there are problematic issues with the way TNHRCE is handling temples, financial initiatives from global Tamils have improved the state of affairs in the management of thousands of temples in the last two decades. Despite being a corrupt department to some extent, TNHRCE control of sacred sites ensures that Temple wealth belongs to the welfare of Tamils and wards off the possibility of being stolen by northern oligarchs.

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Last modified: March 5, 2021
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